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Delhi has one of the best cancer treatment medical centers in India, that collectively handle more than 1 million cancer cases every year. Majority of the top 10 cancer doctors in Delhi are internationally trained and have gained super specialization in their respective fields. Patients can receive a variety of treatment facilities for any type, and stage of this malignant disease in Delhi. 


Where can I find the best cancer doctors in Delhi?

Delhi Cancer Hospitals includes names like Fortis, and Apollo, that are considered one of the most prominent healthcare groups in the country. These medical centers have access to the latest technology and resources that help them deliver the best possible treatment in India.

What questions should I ask my cancer doctor before receiving treatment?

Patients should ask the following questions from their cancer doctors in Delhi:

· Ask your oncologist to explain the type of cancer you have in detail.

· Discuss different treatment options with him while asking about the risk factors involved in them.

· How often do they treat this kind of cancer? What is their success rate?

· How long will the whole treatment take?

· What will happen if you miss a cycle or session?

· How often do you need to receive the treatment?

· What medicines can have a positive or negative impact on your condition?

· How can you prepare better for the treatment?

· Are there any particular lifestyle changes that you should make?

Note: Feel free to question your doctor about any confusion that you might have about the disease. The best cancer doctors in Delhi provide 360-degree care to their patients, ensuring that they are able to achieve complete recovery after the treatment, so they will be happy to help.

What factors should I consider for selecting the best cancer doctor in Delhi?

Patients can select the best oncologist in Delhi for their treatment by selecting them on the following factors:

· What are the medical qualifications of the doctor? It is essential that patients select their doctor based on the type of their cancer, as different oncologists can have specialization in treating cancer from different parts of the body like prostate cancer, Blood cancer or brain tumors.

· What is the speciality of the doctor? Different types of cancer treatments may be treated using different approaches – medical, surgical and radiation oncology. The selection of the specialityis made based on the type of cancer the patient is suffering from.

· How are the ratings and reviews of the cancer doctor in Delhi?  Reviews are the most reliable option for international patients to determine the standard of quality delivered by a medical professional.

· What is the success rate of the doctor? Oncologists with better success rate are likely to increase your chances of recovery, because of their experience and familiarity with treating the disease.

Patients can explore all this information about the best cancer surgeons in Delhi on our website.

Where can I check the qualifications of the oncologists in Delhi?

Patients can use Medmonks team’s assistance for locating the best cancer surgeons in Delhi. They can use the filters on the website for searching the best cancer hospitals and doctors anywhere in India, according to their preference. Further, they can compare the profiles of the doctors for selecting the best oncologist according to their treatment requirements.

Who are the top 10 cancer doctors in Delhi?

Dr Sapna Nangia│ Radiation Oncologist

Hospital: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

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